Donald Trump and Drunk Uncle Called For Jury Duty in New York

Fox News reports that Donald Trump and SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan were called for jury duty at a New York City Courthouse.

Imagine seeing those two on the same jury. Then imagine both of them deciding your fate!

4 Comments We’d Expect To Hear In Deliberations By Such A Jury

  1. “Bobby, I’d say your character, Drunk Uncle is the worst character on SNL. But I can’t say that because that character is also my base. Everything juries say in deliberations is secret, right?”
  2. “Mr. Trump. You just don’t get the character. He’s drunk! He says dumb things. Although I understand that you don’t get the character since you don’t drink and say dumb things.”
  3. “At least The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party isn’t part of these deliberations.  Who is with me? She is the worst character on SNL!”
  4. “Hey, I am here, and I hosted the White House Corresh-pondent’s Dinner, which totally makes me closer to the Presidency than you, Mr. Frump.”

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