3 Names We Proposes If NHL Expands To Three Cities

Yahoo reports that the NHL is considering expansion.  The contending cities include “top candidate” Las Vegas; “the leading candidate” Seattle; and Portland.  Sorry Portland, not everyone can be the #1 candidate in a Yahoo News story!

So what should these potential teams be called? We have 3 suggestions…

1. The Las Vegas Desserts. We are referring to the desserts in the all-you-can-eat casino buffets, and not the desert. We do know how to spell contrary to what you were rudely thinking.

2. The Seattle Starbucks. Why not expand naming rights from stadiums to teams? And it might sound like “Seahawks” in a typical noisy Seattle stadium, making team chants sound familiar.

3. The Portland Blazetrailers. These skaters are so fast they can outskate fire!

What, you have better names? Pay the $10 million expansion application fee, of which $2 million is non-refundable!

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