Japan Finally Opens Hotel Run By Robots

Earlier this year, we wrote about a Japanese hotel that would feature robotic concierge and cleaning staff.

The Next Digit reports that the “Strange Hotel” has now opened, and as an added bonus, value-conscious travellers will not have to “top (sic) workers.”

3 Problems With This Story

1. It is true that hotel guests will not have to “top” workers. Because robots aren’t programmed to care if you top them.  And this place would be pretty poor value if the robots tricked you into doing a better job cleaning your room.

2. Oh, the author probably meant you don’t have to “tip” workers. That might be an added bonus, except for the fact it is not customary to tip humans in Japan.

3. When robots start running every hotel in the world, this hotel will have to change its name from the “Strange Hotel” to something else.  We suggest the Hologram Inn.*

*note: requires replacing robots with holograms.

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  1. Will these robots be equipped with spell-checking software?

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