Oh Great, MasterCard May Lead To More Selfies

Americans.org reports that MasterCard is testing selfies to authenticate payments. The user will reportedly have to blink at a certain time so that the biometric test can verify that a real person is looking at the camera, instead of a hacker stealing a cardholder’s photo.

As we are all about helping companies, here are:

3 Slogans We Propose For MasterCard’s Selfie Authentication Service

1. Bottle of Corona $5.00. Standing behind a drunk college kid in line at a beach bar for ten minutes while they try to blink on demand in bright sunlight. Priceless.

2. MasterCard. Why no, we’ve never seen the movie Face/Off. Should We?

3. MasterCard: Yes We Expect You To Take Embarrassing Selfies Next Time You Buy Something At An Adult Toy Store.

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