Google Has Funny Definition of “Unsend”

ArsTechnica reports that Google has introduced an optional “unsend” button for its Gmail users.

How does it work? When you hit “send” it doesn’t really send the message, and waits five to thirty seconds, during which time you can click “unsend.”

To help Google with this new feature, we propose:

3 New Slogans For Gmail’s Unsend Button

1. “If you are the type of person to regret those drunken emails you send out four to 29 seconds later, this product may be for you. Depending on how fast your reflexes are when you are drunk.”

2. “‘Unsend’ really = ‘Not Send In The First Place. Shhhhhhhh!”

3. “Yeah, you can click ‘unsend’ but good luck finding what happens to ‘unsent’ emails according to our privacy policy.“*

*if anyone is bored enough to look for this, please comment below!

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