Survey: Americans Love Airlines More Than Cable and Internet Companies

Business Insider reports that a recent survey of Americans’ opinions toward various industries and businesses revealed that the least two unpopular businesses are cable companies and internet providers.

3 Observations About This Story

1. Sounds like a great time for whatever company wants to merge with Time-Warner Cable to invest, because everyone wants an even bigger cable company to deal with, right?  And of course the execs think that, because they think that everything should be bundled together: even hated companies.

2. How did Time-Warner Inc. wind up in the situation where Time-Warner Cable, a completely different company gets to share the main part of its name? In case you didn’t know, Time-Warner Inc. is the one that owns HBO, which you love, and the other company may sell you a bunch of channels (which you hate) so you can get HBO.  Even Donald Trump managed to get his name off of Atlantic City casinos that he didn’t own – how come you can’t get the word out Time-Warner Inc.? Did you forget you can get news out easily since you own CNN and TMZ?

3. Maybe making people buy 1,000 channels that take forever to scroll through on a guide isn’t a great business or tech model when people can just search for stuff on the internet. And since internet companies are hated, too, maybe charging people more for internet data is also a bad idea.  Remember, if you are going to say your high-speed internet is so awesomely fast, it shouldn’t take longer to cancel your service on the phone than download the complete first season of Shark Tank.

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