USA Today: “Surprise: Using Car’s Air Conditioner Saves Gas [Compared To Driving With Windows Rolled Down]”

USA Today delivered a revelation in a recent headline that driving with your air conditioner on saves gas… but not really… because it uses more gas than leaving the air conditioning off…

3 More Revelations We’d Like To See From USA Today

1. Leaving copies of USA Today in front of hotel room doors does not save gas. Someone has to drive those things away when nobody picks them up because the room has cable news, Wifi, and a maid who is really up on the Kardashians.

2. Requiring people to opt out of some tiny fee to not get USA Today in a hotel does not make people think USA is a better news source, when hotels never report that news until they show you the bill when you check out.

3. New Name For “USA Today” Should Be “USA 1994” or just the screeching-sound-from-AOL dial-up.

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