Chinese Public Company Chairman Made Money Shorting His Own Stock

Business Insider reports that recent filings reveal that Li Hejun, Chairman of the Board of Hanergy Thin Film Solar Group Ltd. increased his short interest of his company, days before the companies shares collapsed.

In layman’s terms: he reportedly said to himself: “If my company really sucks, I can make tons of money driving the stock price down!”

This is the first time we’ve heard of a company Chairperson shorting their own stock. Why? We don’t hear everything.

Also, because if chairs of boards can make money by making their companies suck, then it’s pretty easy to make a company suck.

For example, here are…

3 Ways You Could Make Your Solar Company Suck

1. Decide to make solar panels out of coal, which may or may not catch fire if hit by sunshine. Hey, according to CNBC, even China is like “Let’s stop using coal.”

2. Like, totally, say bad things about your company. Then make tons of money. Then party like it’s 1999 (where there were few solar panels.)

3. Explain that your company is called “Thin Film Solar Group” because the panels are made of a thin film of lead and smog residue.

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