KFC’s Latest Idea: Bring Back Colonel Sanders

CNN reports that KFC is launching a new ad campaign featuring Darrell Hammond in the role of the long-deceased Colonel Sanders.

And it seems like just yesterday McDonald’s brought back a new Hamburglar mascot. (It was like that – check out our entries last week!)

3 Lessons Learned From KFC’s New-Old Campaign

1. It seems fast food restaurants only new idea is try to market stuff using techniques that used to work, rather than improve the menu items. This would be like the “Dude, gotta get a Dell,” guy returning to convince you that early 2000s Dell computers make great substitutes for iPhones.

2. Fast food chains can bring back the dead! So call your ad team, Wendy’s. You can return your deceased founder Dave Thomas to your ads.  Oh wait, they already did that? Okay, how about the Where’s the Beef lady?

3. Darrell Hammond is ready to work! No more waiting until 2016 for Hillary to win an election and a chance to play Bill Clinton on SNL for four to eight more years.

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