Amex Black Card Also Reportedly Impresses Fraud Artists

Yahoo Finance reports that holders of an American Express Black Card a.k.a the Centurion card a.k.a. the-card-you-have-to-get-an-invitation-to-apply-for are more likely targets for fraud than other color credit cards.

So your Hello Kitty Rainbow MasterCard just may be safe.

As we are in the business helping people out, here are:

3 Suggested Ways To Avoid Fraud With Your Amex Black Card

1. Stop posting selfies of the card, including the cardholder’s name, card number, date of expiry, and a receipt for five bottles of champagne along with your exact location on the Rich Kids of Instagram.

2. Stop lending your Black Card to your children, who happen to be brats on the Rich Kids Of Instagram.

3. Since we hear that the card invitation arrives in a black wooden box, don’t assume that you should pay a $5,000 membership fee to anyone who delivers a random black box to your home or place of business. Especially if your place of business is Boeing – install the black box in the plane, fool!

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