Oscar Edition: 3 Notes We’d Like To See In “Glitter Bomb” Prank Envelopes

We’ve recently been writing about the “Glitter Bomb” trend, where your friends send you a note in an envelope full of glitter, and removing the note causes glitter to fly out of the envelope, making a hard-to-clean golden mess.

Here are 3 more notes we’d like to see in such envelopes…

1. “Note to self: take the high road and make a glitter dress to attend the 2015 Academy Awards ceremony. ‘What are you wearing?’ they’ll ask on the red carpet. ‘A bunch of Glitter and the envelope it came in.'”

2. “And the 2015 Best Actor award goes to… Steve Carrell… This is what happens when you nominate comedians for Academy Awards!”

3. “This is also what happens when you don’t go to see any of the Best Picture Nominees because you were too busy watching pirated versions of the new Transformers and Spiderman movies.”

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