Okay, What Were You So Busy Doing, That You Couldn’t Pick Up That Suit Of Armor At Baggage Claim?

Yesterday we wrote about an Alabama Store called “Unclaimed Baggage Center” where you can buy items like suits of armor that people never claimed from airport baggage claim carousels.

3 Explanations As To Why Someone Wouldn’t Pick Up A Suit Of Armor

1. Checked baggage, but never made it through security’s metal detector, because they were stuck inside a suit of armor.

2. No time to wait for baggage when Medieval Times performance was fifteen minutes after landing.

3. Forgot you packed suit of armor after two many blows to the head, after always neglecting to bring your suit of armor to your Medieval Times performances.

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  1. 3.) Forgot you packed suit of armor due to too many blows to the head by the flight attendant with the big arse slamming into your seat back for the entire flight.


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