Just In Time For Real News Story Of 2014: Monkey Performs CPR on Other Monkey.

The Toronto Sun reports that in India a monkey was knocked unconscious after touching live wires at a train station.

Another monkey successfully revived the unconscious monkey by using maneuvers that looked like CPR.

All of this was apparently captured on video. But we can’t show you, because the entity claiming ownership of the video apparently asked that it be removed from YouTube.

3 Obvious Points That Arise From This Story

1. The unconscious monkey really should not have taken Peter Gabriel’s “Shock the Monkey” literally.

2. How are other monkeys supposed to learn CPR from this video when its been removed from YouTube? CPR is especially valuable for monkeys since so many of them risk getting knocked out while jumping on the bed.

3. The nursery rhyme about monkeys jumping on the bed does not educate monkeys about the real dangers of the world, like live wires.

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  1. I saw this on a report on television. It was amazing to see – so human like in compassion. Loved it. Thanks for this post!


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