Pretend Note From Airplane Baby In Goody Bag Pleases The World. Here Are More Notes We’d Like To See!

USA Today reports that a couple handed out a goody bag to people sitting near them (and their baby) on a flight.

The bag included ear plugs and a note, jokingly apologizing in advance, as if the baby wrote the note.

3 More Notes We’d Like To See In Goody Bags On Planes

1. From hopeful Mile-High Club members. “Dear lucky passengers seated near the bathroom. We apologize in advance that we may be delaying your use of the facilities. Please enjoy enclosed traveller’s diarrhea pills.”

2. From five-year old who will kick the back of your seat all flight. “Dear adult. My parents do not discipline me, so I stole the enclosed movie theater passes from my mom’s purse. I look forward to kicking the back of your seat at a future film, too.”

3. From bachelor party goers returning from Las Vegas. “Please enjoy this bag full of illegal goodies that we are quickly getting rid of in a hungover panicky state.”

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