Hey, If You Work At Kooters, Someone Has A Job Opportunity You Hopefully Won’t Want

Reuters reports that the Hooters restaurant chain is suing an escort service for using the Hooters name in recruitment ads.

The ads on Craigslist allegedly originally said “Now Hiring Hooters Girls $100 Per Hour.”

However, when contacted by the media, a representative of the escort service said the ads say “Kooters.” Hooters acknowledges the ads have been changed, but says their trademark is still being infringed because the photo in the ad was taken in one of their restaurants, featuring staff wearing their uniforms.

3 Changes To The Ad We’d Like To See

1. “Now Hiring Hootie & The Blowfish $100 Per Hour” We hear the band’s frontman, Darius Rucker has a solo career, so getting the Blowfish included at no extra cost would be a steal!

2. “Now hiring Shooters Girls $100 Per Hour. These girls serve shooters, or some times, as in this ad, beer and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. What do you mean this is still trademark infringement, we added an entire ‘S’, come on!” Sounds like whoever wrote that ad had too many shooters before submitting it to Craigslist.

3. “Now Hiring Hootie & The Blowfish Tribute Band $40 Per Hour.” Is this even a good deal? Is it even above minimum wage? How many blowfish were there again? Can you bring blowfish from a Sushi restaurant instead, to comply with local minimum wage laws? And what would be a good name for such a tribute band? Obviously during this holiday season, “Hooray For The Elfish!”*

*We also would have accepted “Booty & The Bowl Of Fish.”**

**We do not recommend walking into a Hooters Restaurant and ordering “Booty & The Bowl Of Fish.”

Not The Worst News: As Good As Internet Comedy Is Going To Get This Holiday Season!

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