3 More Messages We Would Write For Free For An Invisible Boyfriend Service

Yesterday, we wrote about the service “Invisible Boyfriend” which sends you text messages for a monthly fee, so that you can apparently show the messages to other people to prove you have a boyfriend.

Save your money. We have 3 more free messages for you!

1. “I am so happy you are enjoying watching Fifty Shades of Grey with your friend. Oh, right, I’ll stop texting and interrupting the movie. I will be more considerate next time.”

2. “Sorry for interrupting the movie again, but I just wanted to let you know I started up a multi-billion dollar company since I last texted you… just like Mr. Grey in the movie!”

3. “Your friend says I sound too good to be true, and doesn’t believe I exist? Tell her I started a start-up that charges $25 a month to the giant market of people wanting to pretend they have text-messaging boyfriends. Cha-ching!!!”

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