Expert Suggests Gossiping At Work, But Doesn’t Seem To Understand What Gossip Is

Yahoo reports that an employment law expert advises that gossip in the workplace is a good idea.

From the article:

“The key…is avoiding petty gossip, like ‘Did you hear the IT guy dumped his girlfriend?’ and instead focus on the kind of information gathering that can help you… [for example] ‘Here’s how to work the printer.'”

Okay, we’re pretty certain talking about the printer is not “gossip.”

3 Better Examples of Office Gossip

1. “The new guy put Keurig cups in the printer.”

2. “The new guy put his computer keyboard in the shredder when he wanted to print something.”

3. “The new guy should stop his mime routine and ask someone how to use a printer instead of typing on an imaginary typewriter.”

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