Voice Activated Airplanes. Hopefully Better Than Ford SYNC.

CNN reports that new technology being developed will allow commercial airline pilots to use voice activation, similar to Siri, to tell the plane what to do.

3 Commands We’d Like To See Pilots Give To Voice Activation

1. “Find me a gate to park this plane full of people instead of sitting here for half an hour.” If non-pilots can find an empty table at the nearest restaurant on Open Table, why shouldn’t pilots be able to find somewhere to park their plane after landing?

2. “Tell me the score of the Jets game.” Whether its the NHL Winnipeg Jets or NFL New York Jets, pilots always want to confirm their jet pals are winning.

3. “Please confirm that 8 hours ago, when I said ‘head to Austria,’ you didn’t misinterpret my Austrian accent as saying ‘head to Australia.” 

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