You Thought Your Boss Was Giving You A Hard Time… Flight Attendant Removed From Plane For Improperly Serving Nuts.

Fox News reports that a vice-president of Korean Airlines, who also happens to be the daughter of the CEO of the airline, caused a disruption on a plane about to depart from JFK Airport.

Specifically, she allegedly ordered a flight attendant be removed from the plane for offering… “Macadamia nuts in a bag instead of serving the nuts on a plate…”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. What about the kids allergic to peanuts on the plane? Isn’t a plate worse than a bag? In fairness, she did not order the nuts be served in an EpiPen, which would have been much, much worse.

2. Did the VP think that forcing the plane to return to the gate to discipline the flight attendant was good customer service? “Hurray, a delay due to nuts, now my trip to New York is complete!” nobody probably thought.

3. Will someone invent some sort of Transformer that turns bags into plates to avoid this problem in the future? If so, this will be equally entertaining as watching any Transformers movie on a plane.

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