Town Scarecrow Population Outnumbers Human Population

Yahoo Finance reports that in a Japanese town with a declining population, scarecrows outnumber people by about 3 to 1.

(Apparently a member of the town has created a scarecrow every time the town loses a resident.)

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Do the former members of the Counting Crows live there? Because looks like there’s a rival group that counts scarecrows.

2. If the Counting Crows do not live there, can they move there, stat! Someone has to measure how effective these scarecrows are.

3. Is this what happens when you start giving scarecrows brains, like in the Wizard of Oz? They start getting counted in the census, and before you know it, start voting the other people out of the town, as if the town is some episode of Survivor.

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