Company Making Candy That Is Also Deodorant

Yahoo News Digest reports that a Bulgarian candy maker is selling something called “Deo Perfume Candy.”

It’s deodorant candy. You eat it, and your sweat smells like roses. This is real science, because your body apparently can’t breakdown a component of rose oil.

3 Other Flavors Of Deodorant Candy We’d Like To See

1. New Spice. Who in the world really wants to smell like old spice? How did that even become a successful product name?

2. Posh Spice. Named after former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham, this would taste like Goldschläger and make retired soccer players smell like gold, instead of old spices. Because retired soccer players hate feeling “old.”

3. Irish Spring Mineral Water. Basically you smell like water, instead of what the makers of Irish Spring think water smells like.

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