Rolling Stone Names That Free U2 Album You Complained About “Album Of The Year”

CNN reports that Rolling Stone has selected U2’s “Songs of Innocence” as the best album of 2014.

You may also recognize the album as the one Apple gave away for free by putting the album on everyone’s iPhone. (Sort of… we still had to click on a cloud next to each song to download them for free.)

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Isn’t it ironic that people felt a cloud sending them a free album about innocence was an “invasion of privacy?” If you feel this way, you are kind of innocent about the things going on online. Someone could be looking at you through your webcam right now! And they see you singing along with the U2 album you dissed on Twitter.

2. It’s about time someone recognized U2, right? Oh wait, we were confusing U2 with less famous 80s band UB40. We always get numbers confused. Speaking of which, UB40, maybe it’s time to rename your band UB-Pushing-60 to be more accurate.

3. We know some of you think Rolling Stone is out of touch, but have you looked at the competition? How many artists even sold an entire album in 2014? Last time we checked iTunes bestsellers list, it was full of singles with song titles featuring grammar from teenaged text messages. And those were the hit singles. Imagine what the rest of the album nobody downloaded sounded like.

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2 replies

  1. Cool post!


  2. Was it the best album of 2014, or the best FREE album of 2014?


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