Man Jumps Out Bus Window To Avoid Being Late For Work

Yahoo reports that a man in China was in danger of being late for work, while riding a pubic bus. He asked the driver to open the doors when the vehicle had stopped, but the driver refused to break the rules of where to stop.

So the man jumped out the window. And it was all captured on closed-circuit video you can view here.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Did you avoid being late for work this Black Friday by having your family Thanksgiving dinner in your place of employment, if you work for one of the retailers that opened on Thanksgiving day? If so, kudos! Your drunk aunt is hopefully demonstrating the comfort of foam pillows passed out in an aisle.

2. Or were you late for work because you were shopping between 4pm and 4am? “I needed to watch Speed 2: Cruise Control on a new Blu-Ray player and save $20 is not the best excuse.”

3. Did the article forget to mention that the man’s job title is “stuntman” and his job that day was “jumping out of buses?” If so, we hope this doesn’t mean another Keanu Reeves Speed sequel.

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  1. I’ve actually done that. The bus was stuck behind a fender bender and wouldn’t let anyone off. I opened the window and climbed out. I then assisted a man and two women out as well. By this time the driver was yelling at us. We waved as we walked away. 🙂


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