News Editors Everywhere Happy Woman Gives Chance To Make “When Pigs Fly” Jokes

Yahoo News Digest reports that a woman from Connecticut was asked to disembark a U.S. Airways flight because a pig, which she brought on the plane was “disruptive.” The pig had boarded the plane on a leash in a duffle bag.

3 Ways To Avoid Being Told To Remove Your Pig From A Plane

1. Teach your pig to be helpful instead of disruptive. Perhaps your pig can give up its aisle seat to someone with a weak bladder, who needs to go to the bathroom frequently.

2. There’s no law that says a pig can’t be an air marshall. Or at least there would be no such law in any sequel to Non-Stop voiced by Liam Neeson.

3. Don’t bring farm animals on planes. It’s hard for them not to be disruptive when the cart selling ham sandwiches and other animal friends is pushed down the aisle.

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