Obama Says He Would Enjoy Kentucky Bourbon With Mitch McConnell.

CNN reports that after last night’s Republican victory winning the majority of seats in Senate, President Obama said, “You know, actually, I would enjoy having some Kentucky bourbon with [likely Senate Majority Leader] Mitch McConnell.”

3 Other People Who May Enjoy Having Bourbon With Mitch McConnell

1. The people who reelected McConnell. You know, the guy who said his number one goal was seeing that Obama become a one-term president. Sure, a number one goal ranks higher than “helping the people of America.” Sure, he failed at that number one goal. But if the Bourbon’s free, they can toast him for whatever it is he did, even if it resulted in them being economically worse off.

2. Someone who has already had ten bourbons without Mitch McConnell. If they’re really drunk, they may think they’re talking to the Geico Gecko or an alien from V, and who wouldn’t enjoy that?

3. Anyone who watched CNN’s election coverage. Hey, CNN, these boring match-ups sound like UFC fights with all your graphics and intense music. Maybe if you fired up these montages before the election, more people would have turned out to vote.

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  1. If I were still a drinking man, I would enjoy having Kentucky Bourbon with Hitler himself.


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