Over 40,000 People Thought Sample Social Security Card Sold With Wallets Belonged To Them

Credit.com reports that in 1938, a wallet manufacturer decided to include a specimen social security card in wallets his company sold.

The card included his secretary’s social security number, which was used by more than 40,000 people, as late as 1977. Seems they thought the card was for their use, despite having “specimen” printed on it in red ink.

3 More Things We Wonder If 1930s Wallet Buyers Would Think

1. The family displayed in a picture frame before you buy it is your family after the transaction. Go pay them a visit! They live at Stock Footage Town.

2. McDonald’s monopoly peel-off pieces entitle them to property in Atlantic City. Careful there, you may not really want that property on the Boardwalk, if the name “Trump” was recently removed from it.

3. The photo of a card on a credit card application can be cut out of the application, and instantly used as a real credit card! Enjoy your new AMEX card, person who shall now refer to yourself as “C F Frost!”

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