YouTube: Soon You May Be Able To Pay To Watch Whatever It Is You’re Watching There

Reuters reports that Google is contemplating creating a subscription based version of YouTube where you won’t have to see ads to enjoy the same great cat-playing-keyboard videos!

3 Frequently Asked Questions We Expect May Arise From This Story

1. “I like to watch movie trailers and other commercials on YouTube – does this mean I will not be able to see more commercials before I watch these commercials on YouTube?” We don’t know how this will end. Perhaps you should view a trailer on the news story, since trailers often give away the endings.

2. “Hey, this sounds a lot like Netflix, without the original content or limited selection of movies I’ve seen 100 times before. How do I sign up?” That sounds like a perfect question to enter into YouTube search. In fact, we put this question verbatim into YouTube, and an ad for Sesame Street showed up. Sure that makes no sense to us, but neither does charging money to use YouTube.

3. “I’m tired of paying for a bunch of channels I don’t want bundled into a cable package. Can I subscribe to 100 of my favorite YouTube channels for the same price as my entire cable package?” We hope the world doesn’t turn into that, given HBO and CBS are already talking about online subscriptions to their channels, missing the point that they are still bundling shows people don’t want into smaller packages. And who will be fooled by that? (Other than all the people buying increasingly smaller packages of their favorite products for the “same prices” at the grocery store.)

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