Isaac Asimov predicted almost everything for 2014 accurately. reports that sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov made many predictions about 2014 in a New York Times article written after visiting the 1964 World’s Fair that have held true.

Specifically, Asimov predicted microwave oven-like devices, solar panels in the desert, and that robots would not be all that useful in 2014.

3 Things Issac Asimov Missed In His 2014 Predictions

1. If you forget to set your smartphone to silent, junk emails with ads for mattress sales and the latest insomnia medication could wake you up in the middle of the night.

2. You can tell when a contract with Disney has expired when a performer is dressed as a school girl singing “Hit Me Baby One More Time” or at an awards show twerking.

3. Scripted shows without professionally trained actors will be called “reality TV” and a comedy starring Will Ferrell will feature more social commentary on real news than the real news.

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  1. What he could not predict is that certain bloggers will misspell both his first and last names…:)


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