3 Slogans We Propose For The Upcoming Google Watch

Wired reports that Google is making a smart watch with luxury watch maker Tag Heurer to compete with the Apple Watch. Here are 3 slogans we propose for the watch…

1. “Google: We Wait For Apple To Invent Stuff, Then Copy It and Sell the Stuff To People Who Said They Hated the Stuff When Apple Introduced It.”

2. “Google: We’re Out Of New Ideas. Will Somebody In This Boardroom Please ‘Google’ New Ideas? Thanks!”

3. “Google: Who In This Board Room Thought That People Who Want To Save Money With Subsidized Android Phones Would Pay Big Money For A Tag Heurer Watch?”

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  1. There’s actually a pretty big market of people who want the same products that Apple makes, but don’t want to buy it from Apple.


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