Reporter: “Uncertain” How Cat Feels About Being Auctioned Off For About $100,000

WBIR reports that an Australian couple were trying unsuccessfully to auction off their house, until they offered their pet cat as part of the sale, which resulted in a successful auction, valuing the cat at about $100,000 U.S.

The video report goes on to indicate that it’s uncertain how the cat feels about the deal.

3 Ways We Are Certain The Cat Feels About The Deal

1. “My new owners have too much money. Probably briefcases full of bills. I will use that briefcase as a litterbox.”

2. “I don’t get any of the money? Guess it’s time for me to start a Tumblr ‘Rich Cats Of Instagram‘ and cash in on that. Everyone loves cat pics on the internet – wait until they see cat-wearing-top-hats-and-monocles pics!”

3. “Every talks about Rolling on the Floor Laughing, but I’m the only one in this house literally ROFL!”

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