Red Bull Gets Wings Clipped In Legal Settlement

BevNet reports that Red Bull GmbH has settled a false advertising U.S. class action lawsuit for $13 million, which is to be distributed to customers who purchased a Red Bull in the past 10 years.

From the article:

“The suit argues that Red Bull misleads consumers about the superiority of its products with its slogan ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ and its claims of increased performance, concentration and reaction speed, to name a few.”

3 New Slogans We Propose For Red Bull

1. “Red Bull Does Not Literally Give You Wings, You @#$@# Frivolous Litigants.”

2. “Red Bull: The Reason That Drunk Guy Who Should Have Passed Out Hours Ago Is Hitting On You In The Club”

3. “Red Bull: Why Do Lawyers Take Our Wings Reference Literally, But Not The Word ‘Bull.’ It’s Like Our Brand Name Tells You The Wing Part Is Untrue. Come on!”

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