What Happens On YouTube Doesn’t Stay In Vegas

CNN reports that Las Vegas police have “busted” a couple who allegedly posted videos of the progress of their marijuana plants’ growth under a pseudonym on YouTube.

3 New Slogans We Propose For Las Vegas

1. “What happens in Vegas stays in this little asterisk which leads to small print featuring YouTube’s privacy policy. Do you accept these terms? Click yes or you can’t use this slot machine.”

2. “Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas, and By ‘Fabulous’ We Mean ‘In A Desert, Nowhere Near A Scenic Ocean.’ Well, Time To Use Criss Angel’s Magic To Drive More Atlantic City Casinos Out Of Business!”

3. “The Las Vegas Strip: On An Interstate, Next To An Airport, Just Like Your Town, Except Instead Of Applebee’s, We Have A Giant Pyramid. You’ll love it!”

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