Baseball Fan Uses Math To Suggest Derek Jeter’s Last At Bat At Yankee Stadium Was Staged

The Bleacher report reports that an anonymous person on the internet has suggested, using math, that it was highly unlikely that Baltimore Oriole pitcher Evan Meek would throw an 86.1 mile per hour fastball to Jeter, resulting in a walk-off win. Part of the math is based on the fact that Meek never threw anything slower than 87.9 mph since April and May of this season.

3 Counterarguments We Have Against This Theory

1. The pitcher’s last name is “Meek.” Do you really expect him to be aggressive during such a dramatic baseball moment?

2. Based on everything we’ve learned from movies, only Angels in the Outfield can pull this kind of stuff off. While the game did not appear to involve Angels, the Angels did clinch the ALCS home field advantage over Baltimore, and so needed the Orioles to lose. So this is clearly invisible angel-driven and not a pitcher intentionally throwing a bad pitch. Do you have a mathematical explanation of how the Angels have the best record in baseball that does not involve invisible Angels? We thought not.

3. You can’t rig holograms! Just ask anyone at the Tupac hologram concert. Case closed. Enjoy the last day of MLB regular season, everyone!

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