Now You Know Where All Of Your Missing Socks Went.

Veterinary Practice News reports that a Portland, Oregon dog ate 43.5 socks, which were successfully surgically removed, resulting in a full recovery for the dog. You can view an X-Ray of the dog’s stomach here.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Does the dog’s owners have any children? Because when x-rays of your dog’s stomach end up in media titan “Veterinary Practice News” you can bet any teacher will know the dog did not eat anyone’s homework.

2. What was wrong with the half sock? We mean, this dog does not seem pretty discerning because it eats socks instead of better smelling clothing garments like delicious scarves. So we presume that uneaten half-sock must have been pretty gross.

3. “How am I supposed to put on my sock puppet version of the ensemble cast movie New Year’s Eve now?” asks the kid who has lousy homework assignments.

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