New Zealand Breaks Internet Trying To Look At Nude Celebs

Yahoo News Digest reports that a “handful” of computer users in New Zealand clicked on links promising nude celebrity photos, that delivered malware, resulting in a “nationwide internet meltdown” affecting 600,000 computers.

Way to break the internet, handful of people in New Zealand!

By the way, in case you haven’t been following, we’ve recently been mocking the fact that Goldman Sachs has over 10,000 vice-presidents, so here are…

3 Titles We Propose For Goldman Sachs Executives Working In New Zealand

1. Vice-President Of Ruining Everything Trying To Find Nude Photos Of Gandalf Taken During Lord Of The Rings Production

2. Vice-President Of Old Zealand (Also In Charge Of Finding Nude Photos of Gandalf)

3. Vice-President Of Somehow Making Millions Of Dollars Convincing America The Sport Of Cricket Is Awesome (Without Someone Making The Joke *CRICKETS* During The Presentation)


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