Your Bacteria Takes Over Your Hotel Rooms… Without Even Using Trivago

The Washington Post reports that recent research reveals humans have their own personal bacteria colonies, unique to them, like fingerprints. This bacteria is present in your home, and if you leave your home to say, travel, it will reportedly wipe out every trace of a previous hotel room resident’s bacteria within hours.

3 Frequently Questions That Arise From This Story… And Answers!

1.“If I use the web site Trivago, which I see advertised on cable news all the time, will this increase the chances that my bacteria will stay in one of hundreds of different hotel rooms than me?” Don’t you pay attention to the ads? This site only searches a billion web sites for the best deal, for people who don’t know that hotel chains often price-match any other site offering a better deal. So your bacteria may get a better deal than you, but you’re all staying in the same room.

2. “So why am I wasting the money tipping the maid, when my bacteria will clean the previous person’s bacteria from the room? Oh, and p.s. I don’t really tip the maid.” You should really tip the maid. Otherwise you’re just encouraging her to clean the glasses in the room with the toilet bowl scrubber. Which she’ll probably do anyway, so use the plastic cups instead.

3. “So I have a few hours to kill after I check into my hotel room. Does that mean I’m going to have to make small talk with someone else’s bacteria?” Perhaps you can visit the hotel mini-bar. We doubt there is any bacteria in the hard liquor, which will help you converse with bacteria you cannot see, before it gets tired of your surly drunken language and just abandons the room.

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  1. Are the airlines going to start charging us for carrying our bacteria???


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