We Want Uber To Use More Criteria To Rate Passengers!

Slate recently posted an opinion piece about the fact that Uber, the cab-dispatching smartphone app, has a secret rating of its passengers, based on cab driver ratings.

Passengers are rated on a scale of one to five.

Three More Detailed Scales We’d Like To See Uber Drivers Use To Rate Passengers

1. Teetotaler to passed-out-drunk-in-the-cab. Because nobody wants someone spilling hot tea in their cab.

2. Backseat driver to sitting on the cabbie’s lap, steering like a small child on their father’s lap. Self-explanatory.

3. Default 20 percent tipper to doesn’t-have-Uber-and-will-not-be-leaving-a-tip-and-paying-in-change-which-will-take-ten-minutes-to-count-out-after-the-meter-stops. Admittedly hard to program when the person does not have the app.

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  1. In the mean time, I still wonder if Uber can replace the fleet of yellow cabs. IMO, I still prefer a yellow cab over Uber and left.


    • It appears to depend on what city you live in. In some cities, Uber is using traditional cab companies, charging metered rates. So the only difference is that if the driver gives you a bad ride, on Uber they’ll always get your pre-set tip. If we understand the app properly.


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