News Team Van Robbed In Sketchy Neighborhood, After Doing Story On App That Rates Sketchy Neighborhoods

Reuters reports that a D.C. area TV news team’s van was robbed while investigating whether an app that rates neighborhoods based on “sketchiness” was accurate.

3 More Dumb Ways To Get Robbed Using Apps

1. Post a status update on Facebook that you are taking a vacation, and your house will be empty, while you visit a sketchy neighborhood in another country.

2. Sitting, parked in a van, that is getting robbed in a sketchy neighborhood, while you are distracted using an Etch-A-Sketch simulator app.

3. Seeing who robbed your van, and then trying to sketch their image using a sketching app to show the police, and then having your iPhone, including the sketch stolen, so that you have no evidence about the thieves sketchy appearance.

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