Report Says Spies Listened To Secretary of State Kerry’s Phone Calls

Yahoo News Digest reports that according to the German newspaper, Der Spiegel, telephone calls made on ordinary telephones last year by Secretary of State John Kerry were eavesdropped upon by intelligence agencies including Israel, and possibly Russia and China.

Apparently this is what happens when he doesn’t use his “secure” phone in his “mansion,” but rather uses regular phones while traveling.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Just a lot of people listening and nobody talking. Isn’t this exactly the same thing as those 900-number phone-party chat lines that we see advertised on late night TV?

2. What if Secretary Kerry phones a party-chat line? How many more people would be listening, contributing nothing to the conversation? And why do you keep paying $2.99 per minute to call these lines?

3. Where can we get one of these “secure” telephones that isn’t being listened to by multiple nations on different continents, to later have everything we say to the Pizza Hut pizza dispatcher reported in a German newspaper? Is the answer from our grandparents, who are still paying monthly fees to rent a rotary phone, without touchtone capability? We knew there was a reason they were paying for $5 a month for those old phones since 1956!

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