Manitoba Town Spends Years Under Mistaken Belief Their Town Had A Law Banning Alcohol

Yahoo News Digest reports that the town of Hanover, Manitoba, discovered that a prohibition by-law it thought it has on the books for over a century never existed.

A referendum to change the non-existent law in 2006 was narrowly defeated. And so when people in the town wanted to have another referendum on the issue, they noticed… whoops, their records going back to 1880 indicate there was never an anti-alcohol law.

3 Suggestions That Arise From This Story

1. Perhaps the town should be renamed “Hangover.” You know how it is when you go out one night and get so drunk and say the next day “I’m never drinking again… let’s pass a law so nobody in this town drinks again.” And then everybody’s too hungover to pass the law.

2. Perhaps the town should be renamed “Handover,” as in handover the keys to the City to someone who actually knows what the law is. And we mean the real keys to the city, not those giant keys that people are awarded at ceremonies.

3. Perhaps the pro-drinking members of the town should just hand over all of their car keys, since we imagine they may be too drunk to drive after catching up on over 120 years of self-imposed prohibition.

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