3 More Boring In Flight Movie Titles Than Titles About A Seven Hour Train Ride

Yesterday, we wrote about a new inflight viewing option on British Airways entitled “The Seven Hour Train Journey to Oslo.” Here are 3 more boring titles we’d like to see:

1. “The Ryan Seacrest top 25,200 Train Second Countdown, narrated by American Idol Season 2 Runner-Up Clay Aiken (As Ryan Seacrest Is On Holidays Today, Presumably Somewhere More Exciting Than a 25,200 Second Train Ride.)”

2. “The-You-Must-Be-Bored-On-A-Train-With-Wifi, If You Just Read The Previous Paragraph and Confirmed 7 Hours is 25,200 Seconds.”

3. The “So-You-Are-Not-Very-Good-At-Airline-Touchscreen-Technology Flick Of The Month, Brought To You By Netflix, Who Hopes You Watch Low Priced Content On NetFlix, Too.”


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  1. And there is also a window, which shows a 3D movie about an airplane flight, and this movie is perfectly timed to coincide with the duration of the flight.

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