Distinctive Wallpaper Leads To Arrest Of Swedish Facebook Flasher

The Local (Sweden’s News In English) reports that a teen has been convicted of sending anonymous photos of his genitals from fake Facebook accounts after recipients recognized the “odd” wallpaper in the background from another photo of him on Instagram.

The editors at the Local did not provide a photo of the wallpaper, but did post a photo of other wallpaper with the caption:

“Another but unrelated example of distinctive wallpaper. File: Private”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Are they teaching people to use “unrelated photos” in journalism school now? If so, we would have preferred a photo of a painted wall with no wallpaper, with the words “Swedish School Of Journalism” on a sign on the wall.

Hot Dog

An unrelated photo. But probably more related than the photo in the original article.

2. Since the article is about “privates” does that mean that the fact that the photo is filed under “private” mean that it’s really more related to the story than advertised?

3. Thank goodness this wallpaper wasn’t purchased at IKEA, right? Because then the flasher might not have been caught because his walls would look like what we presume every wall in Sweden looks like.

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