To Celebrate Its 10th Bday, Facebook Gives Users A Personalized Video Gift, Which Is Better Than The Gift Other Companies Are Giving (Namely, Your Credit Card Number To Hackers)

The Street and the internet report that Facebook is now giving a video montage of important moments in your Facebook using history set to music.

To see yours, click on

3 Things We Would Have Liked To See In A Facebook Video

1. Facebook’s changing privacy policies. Fine print everywhere, reminding us of the time we joined Facebook and didn’t need eyeglasses.

2. Re-enactments of the longest poke war. Directed by Michael Bay, the Poke War epic personal video would end with a massive explosion, meaning that somebody won the Poke War and the application actually had a purpose.

3. A video of all the people you did not accept Facebook friend requests from, along with the people you defriended/unfriended. It would just be like the end of an American Idol episode where you get to see all the people who said goodbye for the season, and just like Idol contestants, you have long since forgotten. All of course, set to the tune “Bad Day,” to make you feel guilty as your tears well up.

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3 replies

  1. The people you friended without really knowing who it was would be useful too. It might help you figure out who hacked your account.


  2. Check that off the list of things I was conesufd about.


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