Poll: People In Kentucky Don’t Like Obamacare, But Do Like Exchange Created Under Obamacare

Bloomberg reports that polling in Kentucky indicates people in that state are not fond of  “Obamacare,” but are fond of “Kynect,” the exchange created under the Affordable Care Act.

3 Possible Explanations For This Discrepancy

1. Perhaps the problem is in the name. “Kynect” may remind some people of the affordable medical assistance they received after running into a wall while playing a Dance-Dance-Dancing game on Xbox Kinect, while “Obamacare” reminds others of something their favorite talk show hosts keep dissing when they really want their significant other to change the channel so they can play the Dance-Dance video game.

2. “Kynect” has fewer letters than “Obamacare” and far fewer letters than “Affordable Care Act.” And if everyone polled in Kentucky had time for things with lots of letters, there would still be a place called “Kentucky Fried Chicken” and not “KFC.

3. Polls skewed by random people called on their cell phones in emergency rooms, where nurses pointed out signs saying “No Cell Phones,” instantly changing their opinions of anything related to healthcare now that they could not play their Dance Dance video game on their smart phones while they waited for medical assistance.

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