Avril Lavigne Meet N’ Greet Looks As Fun As Grade School Dance

E! reports that a meet and greet with Avril Lavigne, costing about $400 US, resulted in a bunch of awkward photos as fans in Brazil were told the following strict rule:

“…the fans were told by security that they were not allowed to touch or hug her unless she initiated contact first.”

This resulted in lots of photos of fans posted online with a giant gap between them larger than required under junior high dance regulations.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Based on photos we’ve seen, you let Nickelback lead singer (and your husband) touch you? We’d wager most music fans would pay $400 to not have his greasy hair accidentally brush against them, even in a Pantene commercial. Why do you have to make things so complicated, Avril, by living in Oppositesland?

2. Do you think it’s 1990 and it’s Hammer Time? We bet, given recent financial difficulties, and songs about what you can’t touch, Hammer would not only let fans touch his baggy pants for $400, he’d let them buy them and wear them out of the arena.

3. Are you mad that April is over Avril? We can see how you’d be mad that the month that means April in French is now over. Kinda like we were upset we thought your music career was over in 2014, after all your original 12-year-old-fans approached half-way to middle age.


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