Burger King Innovates By Offering Whoppers For Breakfast

CNN reports that the fast food breakfast war that has lead to items like the “Waffle Taco” from Taco Bell has culminated in Burger King’s latest move. Burgers for breakfast.

3 Slogans We Propose For Fast Food Restaurant Breakfast Menu Burgers

1. “It’s noon somewhere! And no that doesn’t mean this restaurant is licensed to serve you a Bloody Mary with your breakfast onion rings.”

2. “The weight is over. Yes, we’re referring to your weight increasing by packing in thousands of extra calories by not waiting for lunch.”

3. “Now you will have an excuse for mayonnaise on your shirt first thing in the morning, so the boss won’t think you are wearing the same clothes as yesterday.”


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2 replies

  1. Actually passed by one today with the announcement out front. Had to read it twice to make sure I was correct.


  2. That’s simply awesome. Everyone needs a good heart starter to kick off the day! A burger can only complement the breakfast beer to which we’re all now accustomed.


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