Paris Cab Ride Full Of Surprises

The Local reports that a woman got several unexpected surprises during a taxi ride from Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Surprise #1: The driver didn’t have a license to drive cabs!

Surprise #2: The driver didn’t have a license to drive cars!

Surprise #3: A 200 km per hour police chase/cab-ride ensued when cops saw the unlicensed cabbie.

Surprise #4: Getting charged €400 for the experience before getting kicked out of the cab.

Fortunately the police caught the fake cabbie.

3 More Surprises That Could Have Made This Situation Worse

Surprise #5: The cab driver was a mime, and the entire experience was in a mimed cab! And she paid real, non-mimed money!

Surprise #6: The woman was supposed to be picked up at the airport by her best friend, who was supposed to drive her to a surprise party, and screwed the whole thing up by drinking cheap French wine and passing out instead.

Surprise #7: The woman knew about the surprise party, and showed up to be surprised that her best friend passed out in her boyfriend’s bed.

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