Um, As Long As You Don’t Use That Debit Card At Stores, Restaurants, Or On The Internet, It Should Be Very Useful To You

USA Today published a piece online today entitled “4 places you should not swipe your debit card.” The article looks at places your card may be at risk of being placed in a data skimmer installed by criminals or other types of fraud.

Spoiler alert! The author recommends avoiding using a debit card in the following places: restaurants, stores, gas stations, and on the internet.

Um… where is there left?

Three More Places You May Not Want To Insert A Debit Card

1. In a USA Today newspaper box. We assume these things still exist and take coins, in which case it would probably be a bad idea to put your debit card in the coin slot, or worse, slide it into where the newspapers are.

2. In the issue of USA Today that hotels leave outside your room’s door. “I can’t possible accept this for free,” you may find yourself saying to the paper as you try to convince it to process a debit payment. Note: it seems these free-appearing papers are never free when we look at our bills on departure.

3. In a Fondue at the Melting Pot chain of restaurants. Didn’t you read the USA Today article that warned you about using your card at restaurants? Oh, and it may melt.

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2 replies

  1. Thank you for the sarcasm, it’s much appreciated.

    I think… under these rules you could use your debit card to gain entrance to attractions, in the atm/show a bank teller to withdraw cash, and possibly to jimmy doors.


  2. Think of the money you’ll save! You can use it to invest in USA Today!


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