Dog Chases Commuter Train Through Two NYC Boroughs

ABC News reports that a dog chased a New York City train all the way from the Bronx to Harlem. Police rescued the collie-Shepherd cross.

3 Worse Places A Dog Could Chase Something In NYC

1. Through two boroughs of underground burrows dug by rats. We question if a collie-Shepherd mix would want to mess with a rat-bigger-rat cross.

2. Through cables, trying to beat your electronic stock trade, as we wrote earlier this week, high frequency traders allegedly have done. Even if you can outrun the speed of the internet, there aren’t many company names you can communicate through barking to engage in dog-frequency trading.

3. Across a busy street with “No Honking” warning signs. Will obedient New Yorkers not honk at the dog to warn it? Because we know from the complete lack of honking we hear in Manhattan these signs clearly work.

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  1. Why not give all the dogs little scooters so they can get around town safely?


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