But Will You Be Able To Use Drones To Finally End Your 2007 Poke Wars?

The LA Times reports that numerous other reports state that Facebook is buying a Mexican company that makes drones.

This follows a December CNN report that Google acquired a company with “strong ties to the U.S. Military” that makes “animal-like” robots.

The good news is that Facebook reportedly will use the drones to provide the internet to remote and impoverished areas, which may mean more people can at least build virtual farms via Farmville while stranded on desert islands.

Three More Things We’d Like To See The World’s Largest Internet And Mobile Companies Acquire

1. A copy of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Just a reminder, in case anyone is trying to create something called Skynet, that the humans always win against the robots.

2. A hide and seek application. Who wouldn’t want to play hide and seek against drones and robots that know your location since you checked into the local Chuck E. Cheese’s? Don’t worry – an animatronic singing mouse will totally protect you from the incoming drones and robot-like animals who only want to feel love like humans and show you ads.

3. The rights to the Academy Awards. Hey, if everyone at the Academy Awards is going to post selfies on Twitter, and everyone watching the Academy Awards at home is going to comment on how bored they are on Twitter, why not marry the entire experience into a series of Tweets? With speeches limited to just 140 characters, the entire show can be over with time to actually watch one of the typically three-hour+ Best Pictures winners.

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  1. How about if we have all those companies merge on the condition they finally admit they’ve been spying on us and selling the information?


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